Wellness Programs



We have several customized approaches below which can be done in the office or via Skype/Phone. We will work with your medical doctor to ensure all aspects of your health are covered.

Our goal is to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to go, regardless of the level of health.

We have a very unique and tiered approach to our programs, all customized towards your needs. Each level can be balanced with a complete wellness approach looking at all aspects of your health and wellness based on the latest research and therapies.

Current research states that about 90% of Americans do not get enough of the vitamins and minerals they need. And no two people are alike. It’s why I have rarely recommended a multivitamin because we are too complex and not everyone needs the same amount.

Then you add on stress, diet, sleep, genetics, etc and there is no wonder why most of us are not getting the proper nutrition in our diet.

Level 1: Custom Micronutrient Pre-Packaged Supplement Baseline

While I feel everyone should come into the office (in person or virtually) and be guided by a knowledgeable doctor personally (not all doctors know nutrition) this can be a way to get acclimated to natural health care and we can always build from here. You can take the assessment and get information for your knowledge. To purchase anything you would need to discuss some details with me and make sure nothing is being missed and your current doctor will know the details as well.

Plus this is a much better than googling your health concerns and ordering something online or buying in a grocery store. You don’t know what you are getting and why on many levels.

It’s a highly personalized, cost-effective micronutrient supplementation program. This is a completely customized supplement based on an assessment of your age, weight, gender, and symptoms you may have, where you live, your diet, any medications you take, and many other components of your health. The entire system is based over 5000+ clinical studies and is continually updated. The assessment will even provide reasons why you’re recommended to take each nutritional component with cited research.

The daily nutrition supplementation comes in two distinct packets (designated for AM and PM dosing), which makes compliance much, much easier. No supplementation or medication works if it is not dosed consistently, and at the correct time of day.

This supplementation will provide a solid, nutritional base that can be further tweaked as need be according to what special needs and requirements we uncover in the office, phone/email consults (via more detailed questions, lab testing, etc). This program needs a healthcare passcode to use. which for our office is DRSJ36 and there is no fee to do the assessment.


Level 2: Weight Loss, Energy and Healthy Aging Protocols

This is a great combination when added to the custom micronutrient aspect of Personalogix or even done on it’s own. This system is also evidence-based with its own clinical trials on its products. By focusing on these 3 aspects of health, most (if not all) of people’s health concerns can be eliminated. This can be discussed in a 30 minute consult either in person or in the office.

Level 3: Functional Nutrition and Analysis

By combining Levels 1, 2, and 3 you get a very specific highly individualized program, which starts off with a 60-90 minute in office visit or virtual house call (phone or Skype).

Not only will we be looking at a variety of functions regarding your body, we will combine this with the latest in evidence-based research complete with a detailed report and nutritional recommendations. The components we will analyze are as follows:

•Organ function (Kidney, Liver Detoxification, Gut Absorption, Digestion, Adrenal Stress, Thyroid)
•Inflammatory Markers
•Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies (Vitamin D, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Zinc, B12, Folate, Thiamine

If you have many chronic conditions and have been to a variety of doctors it’s important to look much deeper into your systems. Some of the testing could include the Level 2 Testing as well as the following:

•Advanced Stool Analysis
•DNA Testing (if available in your state)
•Fatty Acid Analysis (if available in your state)
•Hormone Saliva Testing (Adrenal and Male/Female)
•Advanced Food Allergy Testing

For more information or questions please contact the office at 512-249-9702 or info@drscottjurica.com