Services & Fees


With our increasingly technological world, information is literally at our fingertips. The problem is that it’s information overload especially when it comes to your health. One link will say something is great, another will say it’s useless.

There is a ton great tools from labs tests, apps, websites, foods, supplements, etc but its overwhelming. If you don’t watch out, you can spend an absolute fortune, and you most likely don’t even need it or may not need it right now.

Maybe you need it, maybe you don’t. My goal in the office has always been this: To create a system for each patient in a simple, clear, logical way.

We will work closely with any of your medical doctors just make sure all aspects of your health are covered.

Please see the list below of our services.

Payment may be made by Visa, Mastercard, debit card, checks, and/or cash.


We are not in any insurance networks and typically don’t accept assignment for patients with out of network benefits.

However, if using your out of network benefits is needed for any reason (finances, etc) then we will determine that on a case by case basis. As a Chiropractor, the chiropractic treatments could be covered based on your insurance coverage and medical necessity. Any nutrition or wellness components of your visit will not be covered by insurance and will be paid for at the time of the visit. Please contact the office prior to making your appointment if you have any questions.

If not, we will provide a superbill for you to send to your insurance company for potential reimbursement based on their determination.

Medicare (Payment to be paid on day of service and we will mail a Super bill for Medicare to reimburse you directly. Note: Medicare only pays for an adjustment so there could be other fees for the exam, myofascial work, therapeutic exercise, nutritional counseling, etc. This will be explained and a Medicare form will be filled out to explain this.)

In Office and House Call/Office Call Visit Fees and Details:

You can have a functional health and wellness doctor anywhere you need, whether it’s at your *home, *office, virtually or if you prefer one of our offices in Austin or in New York City.

Fees for your office visit and treatment vary by the amount of time and complexity involved. The initial visit can range from 60-120 minutes with follow ups from 30-60 minutes depending on time, complexity and services rendered. Dr. Jurica will explain all details of fees prior to your first appointment. On the second appointment during the report of findings your entire plan of action will be explained in full detail.

*NOTE: For house or office visits, if a total of 2 hours is booked (for you or friends, or coworkers) no additional fees apply. If less than this there is a $49 dispatch fee and $1 per mile from the closest office location. Other services are included with the house calls such as reviewing cleaners in the house, shower filters or any other home based questions.

These visits can involve a combination of the services below:

Other Services and Fees:

Phone/Skype/Virtual House Calls: Initial consults range from 60-120 minutes with follow ups ranging from 30-60 minutes. All current labs and paperwork to be mailed, fax or emailed prior to the appointment to maximize the consult.

Genetic Nutrition Testing: The body of research is extensive in this fields of healthcare. There are specific aspects of your genes that can be effected through nutrition if they are not working ideally. This can help get to the source of your health concerns and make your health choices more effective. Cost with interpretation is about $500-700 depending on which test is completed. For more information visit

Advanced Hormone Testing: The DUTCH test brings in a whole new level of understanding about our hormones combining several times of results into one simple test. Cost including interpretation is $399. For more information visit

Detoxification Foot Baths: Great to help detoxify the body, alkalize, reduce pain and increase energy. We use one of the most advanced researched machine on the market. For more information go to
EB PRO Ionic Foot Bath Detox $ 55.00
EB PRO Ionic Foot Bath Detox extended $ 65.00
Set of 10 Foot Baths are offered at 15% discounted pre-pay rate.

Hair Analysis: $150.00 (including interpretation)
Evaluation of mineral ratios and potential heavy metal toxicity. For more details please visit, the leaders in hair analysis.

Saliva Testing Analysis: $90 and up depending on tests performed and analyzed. Price of test not included as they vary. Evaluation for parasites, hormones, cortisol, and food allergies – several tests available – prices vary. Please go to for more details.

Fatty Acid Analysis: Omega 6:3 Ratio which is very important in Alzheimer’s prevention, pain, brain health, and many other health conditions $150 including interpretation. Visit

Blood Testing Analysis: $90-180 based on complexity (Does not include the actual lab fees for the blood test).
Evaluation of cholesterol, triglycerides, inflammation, minerals, etc. This is not done at our facility. We can send you to a facility close to your home or office. If you don’t have (o want to use) insurance we use

Advanced Allergy Testing Analysis: $90 to $120 based on complexity. Price of lab not included as prices vary.

People can react to foods up to 3 days after they consume it or use a product. We can test in a variety of ways, both in the office and via blood tests. ELISA/ACT is the best for blood tests.

Nutritional Supplements, Botanicals, and Homeopathics: We use a few online sites that provide you with discounts so you save money and get the products from a reputable source. Visit and for more details.

X-rays: X-rays are not available in this office. If x-rays are recommended, you may go to the hospital or office of your choice, and we will provide you with an order for them. We can also recommend places for you as well.

X-rays taken elsewhere may be brought in here for interpretation by Dr. Jurica.

Patients Coming From Out of State: We can accommodate with Saturday hours by appointment only. We also have 3 day and 7 day healing programs designed to maximize your time while also resting and healing in the beautiful Texas Hill Country