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Suggested Guidelines for Using Chlorophyll Complex Perles for Pain Relief

IMPORTANT:  Chlorophyll tastes like grass.  Chlorophyll stains everything it touches and is especially difficult to wash out of fabric. It will turn the teeth and mouth green temporarily (i.e. for only a few minutes).
  1. Chew 1-2 perles and hold under the tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. (Chewing is essential for effectiveness. The directions on other bottles say not to chew because chlorophyll tastes like grass and it will stains.)
  2. Pain relief is typically felt within 2-3 minutes. For some it can take up to 30-40 minutes. It has been our experience that the majority of people experience some degree of pain relief, regardless of the type of pain and can often have complete relief.
  3. After 30 seconds, wash down with water or juice. (Taking more than 1-2 perles at a time is not more effective, and is not recommended.) The pain relieving effect usually lasts 2-4 hours or longer.
  4. Repeat as needed every 2-4 hours (or more frequently for pain relief). Repeat doses tend to increase the effectiveness of pain relief.
  5. If the above dosing procedures are not reducing pain quickly enough, stacking the dose may be more effective for some individuals. This allows for some momentum to be built.
  6. If needed, give 1-2 perles every 30-40 minutes until pain relief is achieved.
  7. Once pain is reduced, dose can be repeated when the first sign of pain returns. Continue this “as needed” approach. The need for more frequent dosing will decrease within a short time for most people.

Note: Some people may need A&F Betafood to accompany the ongoing ingestion of chlorophyll for proper absorption, as chlorophyll is extremely fat soluble and requires healthy bile flow for absorption.

In addition – Pain relief for Infants, Children (and pets):

Chlorophyll may be used with infants and young children by spreading the opened perles onto the parent’s finger and applying to the inside of the mouth. It has been effective in relieving the pain of colic and teething, for example. A finger cot or surgical glove can be used if desired. Use the same method for animals.

Contraindications and Indications: Chlorophyll contains fat soluble vitamins, including vitamin K.

Should not be taken along with blood thinning medications, such as Coumadin. May be taken along with any other medication, including other pain medications. It may even take the place of other OTC medications, and reduce the need for or even eliminate the need for other types of prescription pain medication. If using prior to surgery, follow surgeon’s instructions for restriction of vitamin K.

Mechanism of Action:
Dr. Royal Lee described the mechanism of action of fat soluble chlorophyll over 50 years ago. It neutralizes guanidine on contact (However, there is clearly more going on). Water soluble chlorophyll has none of these effects. More on chlorophyll’s use for pain can be found in Mark Anderson’s Back to School for Doctor’s, 2006-2007, seminar CDs. Standard Process Labs is the only source of Chlorophyll Complex perles and ointment.

Also included in Mr. Anderson’s seminar is a report given by a pain specialist, Dr. David Walters, who used chlorophyll perles for one year in his practice, achieving amazing pain relieving results with all forms of intractable pain.

Mark Anderson, Back to School for Doctors, 2006-2007, Can You Handle the Truth, Selene River Press (available at


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